The Asia Pacific Orchid conference was initiated in 1984.
One of the founding members is professor Repee Sagarik
It aims to achieve an international cooperation for trends in development and conservation of orchids in Asia Pacific region. The 1st conference started in 1984 in Japan and has been held
in different countries rotated among member countries in APOC community every three years.
In 1992, Thailand hosted the 4th conference which was organized in Chiang Mai,
where Maejo University took the main responsibility hosting the event.
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11 October 2016
Phalaenopsis : Oacing Butterflies
11 October 2016
Vanda Paradise
11 October 2016
Vietnamese tradition corner
24 March 2016
ภาพทัศนศึกษาสวนกล้วยไม้ วันที่ 22 มีนาคม 2559
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  • Vanda coerulea Griffith ex Lindley
    Plant epiphytic, 5—40 cm tall,
    Stems stout, covered by leaf sheaths
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  • Aerides crassifolia C.S.P. Parish ex Burb
    Plant epiphytic, 7—28 cm tall,
    Stems stout, covered by persistent leaf
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  • Vanda bensonii Bateman
    Plant epiphytic, 10—40 cm tall, Stems stout, covered by leaf sheaths,
    Leaf several, distichous, thickly leathery
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  • Ascocentrum ampullaceum (Roxb.) Schltr.
    Plant epiphytic, 4—10 cm tall,
    Stems stout, covered by leaf sheaths, Leaf 2-4
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